What are Web Applications?

Web applications are everywhere! A Web app is an interactive website that enables people to work with data. Some examples of web applications are ecommerce sites (Amazon.com, Ebay.com, HomeDepot.com), online banking, online school registration, social media, etc. A website that lets you do more than read is a web application.

We specialize in web apps that streamline workflows for businesses and their customers. The web apps that we build for workgroups eliminate wasteful processes that lead to lost opportunities. We also create web services that leverage the internet to safely and securely move data for purposes of system integration.

What is Lean Software Development?

Lean software development is the application of Lean principles, originally used in manufacturing, to the process of building software. Lean emphasizes elimination of waste, effective learning, timely decision making, setting up of all parties involved for success, and delivered value. At Tek-Connect, we implement standards and practices that offer enough structure to keep projects under control, while maximizing flexibility and efficiency.

What Tools are used to make all of this happen?

We specialize in PHP, MySQL, and FileMaker driven web apps. We use modern coding frameworks that are both standards compliant and nimble, such as FuelPHP, Laravel, and CakePHP.

Our process rests on the Atlassian suite of software project management tools. The project management processes and tools that we use facilitate easy collaboration with our clients, reliable and accessible project information, and complete visibility for billable time.

From Our Customers

  • Nordstrom

    I cannot tell you enough how happy I am to be working with Tek-Connect. They consistently amaze me with their technical knowledge, ability and customer service. It’s extremely refreshing to work with a developer that never talks down to the users, takes in all comments and concerns, and always makes an effort to give us what we want. At Nordstrom customer service is at the heart of everything that we do, and Tek-Connect really fits the bill. Their response time is fantastic, I feel that I get better support from them in San Francisco than I do from my own onsite team.”

    Cameron Galloway
    Program Manager, Marketing
    Technology Operations
    Nordstrom Inc., Seattle WA
  • Thorsen Consulting

    We’ve used Tek-Connect on several projects for our clients. Their exceptional intelligence and skills make them stand out, but it’s their overall integrity and commitment that make them the kind of people you turn to over and over again. Tek-Connect is a group of consultants who can do the job right and the colleagues you can rely on in any situation.

    Molly Connolly
    Owner, Thorsen Consulting
    Partner, Elusive Moose
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