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Turnaround Story

There’s no such thing as perfect code – and sometimes software projects can struggle. Pacific BioLabs recognized that the team building their intranet was stressed and brought in Tek-Connect to help. Pressed for time, with testing and quality assurance challenges, and facing requirements in flux, the team understood that managing the project was as critical as writing good code.

Tek-Connect introduced a seasoned project manager into the team, helped adopt best-of-class tools from Atlassian Software, and took over all development and testing of the code. While hindsight can be easy to apply, they took blame out of the picture and helped the team regroup. The intranet deployment rolled out and is central to the organization’s operations today. Every business faces difficult choices – how they respond defines them.

“Tek-Connect’s professionalism, excellent work ethic, can-do attitude and ability to deliver the highest standard of work truly makes them stand out from their competitors.”

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