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Tek-Connect’s streamlined approach emphasizes efficiency and is tailored around delivering iterative, ongoing features.
Tek-Connect - First, we listen; Second, we own our part; Third, we adapt.

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Rather than delivering software in months, our development process is geared toward delivering in weeks or days. We divide the work into discrete features and get working software into your hands as quickly as possible.

We follow this approach for two good reasons – one, naturally we want to gain your confidence in our work. Just as importantly, we emphasize QA in our process. Test and test again. Where other teams may tack on a little QA at the end of a long development cycle, we test as we build. By deploying finished features as we go, both we and your users can get in and see how a feature works (or, at times, doesn’t). QA is at the heart of how we approach our work.

Tek-Connect workflow

You’ll see your software evolve, be able to change course if you wish, try things out and experiment when you need to, and have full visibility into our work. All the while, Tek-Connect uses industry standard best-practices and tools.

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