Tek-Connect Web Development

Our process

Tek-Connect’s tactical and streamlined approach emphasizes efficiency and is tailored for each project. We draw on vast experience to get it right the first time.

Circle with Tek-Connect logo in center and seven icons around it labelled as Listen, Ask, Document, Design, Build, Test, Deploy.


Listening is the first and most important step. You are the experts in your domain, and our job is to learn as much from you as possible.


Asking questions and seeking clarification ensures that we have a solid understanding. A firm grasp of the concepts sets us up for success.


Creating the right amount of documentation for a given project is vital. Too little, and confusion reigns, too much and time is wasted.


Designing the system based on solid requirements documentation is what allows the remaining steps to fall into place.


Managing the build phase is now painless. No surprises, no disappointments. Coders are able to stay focused on doing it once and doing it right.


Testing and QA is built into the entire process, from the start, in fact. By the time QA sees the built app, everybody knows what to expect. 


Deployment of your app or website is pain-free, thanks to good planning and management. Users get real experience, we respond to feedback quickly.